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For those who’ve been to Hell and back comes a new generative NFT collectible project on the Solana blockchain releasing in October 2021. Hellcats features 8,888 hand-drawn wildcat avatars, each with a unique set of generated traits. Your minted Hellcat is your ticket to the Hellcats world.

Welcome to the Hell House: A Sunny Place for Shady People

Finally, a digital home for the misfits, freaks, punks and outcasts. Like the best private speak-easies or Locals Only clubs in the physical world, Hellcats is an NFT Club with exclusive merch, quests, physical and metaverse parties, events, concerts and more. 

Who are the HELLCATS?

The Hellcats lore is just beginning. Join the Discord to find out more.

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“A sunny place for shady people.” HELLCATS are 8,888 uniquely generated digital collectibles living in harmony on the Solana blockchain.