hellcats cat


Welcome to the Hellhouse
Hellcats are a generative NFT collectible project on the Solana blockchain featuring 8,888 wildcat avatars randomly generated with up to 10 traits varying in rarity and exclusivity.

What makes Hellcats special? Let our Journey convince you…

Save the Cats
We are donating 10% of all mint proceeds to Panthera, the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their ecosystems. Let’s save some fuckin’ cats.

What about the environment?
Hellcats are minted on Solana, which  has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol structure that is much less energy intensive than the Proof-of-Work found on Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Giveaways from Hell
During the run-up to our mint date and after our launch, we will be doing regular giveaways featuring custom Hellcats and other cool shit.

HellHouse Exclusive Access
We’re doing it the fuck big in the “Metaverse” too, starting with our very own HellHouse Club in Decentraland. All Hellcats holders get free access to the club where we will be hosting parties with live DJs and plenty of surprises. Access info is on our Discord.

The Hell Coffer
Better to reign in Hell together than serve in Heaven. 5% of all revenue will be set aside for the community Hellcats DAO, where the Hellcats holders decide how it operates and what it achieves. Whatever we collectively vote on, the choice is up to the Hellcats.

Hellcats Merch
Don’t think you’re just sitting on a Hellcat without sick merch, too. Every Hellcat holder will get exclusive access to the Hellcat merch line, with exclusives dropping every month. On top of that, owners of a pack of Hellcats (4+ Hellcats) will receive FREE merch at a time in the near future. Snapshot date TBD.

Full Commercial Rights
Do whatever the fuck you want with your Hellcat. We don’t care.

Live Events
Hellcats will be transcending itself from the online-verse to the real world! Events, parties, sponsorships! It is all happening on and off the blockchain.

The Hell Key
After mint, a special seed phrase will be etched into a bigcat bone that has been hidden somewhere in the continental US, and you’re gonna have to dig like a wildcat down towards Hell to find it. Hellcats holders will receive exclusive hints and tips on where to find the Hell Key in the Hellcats Discord. What is hidden in the associated wallet? Stay tuned but know that we ain’t fuckin’ around. 

The Dead Cat Bounce
Hellcats aren’t the only thing we have in store for all you NFT degenerates. Hellcat Holders will be rewarded with the Dead Cat Bounce, and that’s all we can say for now…


“A sunny place for shady people.” HELLCATS are 8,888 uniquely generated digital collectibles living in harmony on the Solana blockchain.